The Latest Blast Design & Optimization Platform


Topography module offers a series of tools to import and edit topography information 


Capability to create, edit and manage borehole info: critical profiles and deviation.


Control tie-up, blasting sequence, time histogram and blasting direction. 


Blasting fragmentation prediction and optimization. Importation of real data and Rock Factor determination.


Attenuation Law generator, blasting PPV warnings in near structures and critical blasting zones.


Cost reduction, pattern expansion prediction and adjustment of blast geometric parameters.

Blast Dilution Control
O-Pitblast has technical expertise in dilution control as a result of several years of working experience in several countries. Specializing in internal and surface movement control, O-Pitblast is capable to estimate losses, dilution, final grades of each blast and blending control and possesses rich knowledge in dilution control techniques.
Fragmentation Analysis
Fragmentation results are the primordial KPI that determines the quality of a blast. It is affected by the blast design characteristics, the explosive quality and specification and the rock properties. O-Pitblast has tools to evaluate and estimate fragmentation even before the blast is performed.
Pattern Expansion Programs
O-Pitblast has a great experience in cost reduction via blast pattern expansion. Small and controllable changes can significantly increase operating income. Our platform provides tools to plan and predict fragmentation results.
Vibration Analysis
O-Pitblast has the know-how and the necessary tools for the determination of attenuations laws of any terrain. This valuable information allows prediction of the vibration that each blast will generate and subsequently redesign the blast in order to avoid possible damages.
UAV Photogrammetry Analysis
O-Pitblast has topography tools based on UAV technology for capturing topography information and free face profiles. This is a technology for improving operation, reducing safety issues and returning much more accurate data.
Mine2Mill Optimization
O-Pitblast has the capacity to develop a Mine2Mill program in order to adjust blast results to reduce the overall cost of the entire operation. Instead of analyzing each operation individually, it is essential to treat and cross information from drilling up to the processing plant.

How it works

O-Pitblast iOS App

Control your blast operation on your iOS device with the latest blast design and optimization platform – O-Pitblast! Check in real time your blast progress, control the actual charge per hole, hole’s length, stemming height and your blast’s main KPI’s. Now efficiency is in your hands!

  • Online control of blast projects.
  • Possibility of inviting engineers to participate in projects.
  • Blast plan downlod via O-Pitcloud.
  • Introduction of hole’s actual data such as: length, inclination, position, azimuth, diameter, stemming height and water presence.
  • Blast hole deletion or addition of bulk explosives and cartridges kg’s.
  • Upload of blast holes.
  • Blast report generation.

3D View

Blast pattern 3D View.

Loading information

Real time blast loading porcentage.


Off-line blast control.


Invite user to your projects.


Check boreholes lists.


Hole information

Visualization of watered, deleted and charged holes.


Send automatically blast report with field real data.

User Management

User information per loaded hole.


Adjust borehole geometry.


Adjust borehole charge.


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With a multidisciplinary team, O-Pitblast© possess a wide experience in blasting with references in Europe, South America and Africa. We boast of internationally experienced personnel with expertise in Mining Engineering, Statistics and Mathematics applied to Mining Engineering, development of blast design softwares with experience in international projects.


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